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    Rules for using the different groups of this forum.
    – General rules
    * No swearwords – warning once, then permanent ban
    * No flamewar – warning once, then permanent ban
    * No politics* – warning once, then permanent ban
    * No racism (any kind)** – instant, permanent ban
    * No hate speech (any kind)*** – instant, permanent ban
    * No SPAM of anything **** – instant, permanent ban
    * No off-topic comments ***** – some repeated warning, then temporary ban
    * Overusing of memes ****** – some repeated warning, then temporary ban

    * -No politics: we are game makers, no politicians. You can sure have your political preferences, but on this forum nobody is interested in it. Take them to a political forum. Please don’t use politically charged memes neither.
    ** -No racism – not any racism is allowed. Not even against whites.
    *** -No hate speech – I, the admin, will decide when reported or seen. To stay on the safe side, don’t mock anybody or anything. Be it a person, OS, computer, application or anything. Constructive criticism is absolutely okay, but no comments like “what the piece of sh*t is this” allowed (not to mention the swearwords)
    **** -No marketing – there are three sections where links or screenshots are allowed, in a strict manner. “WIP – Work In Progress” topic, about your game you are currently working on. “Finished Games” topic, where you show us your finished creation, and “Useful Tools” topic, where you can notify your fellow forum members about useful tools for game creation. You can’t spam these topics though.
    ***** -You can be off-topic sometimes. Please use the “OFF” and “ON” texts in your comment. We are humans after all. But please try to keep the topic of a … topic please.
    ******-You can also use memes and other funny images, but please leave any politically charged meme out of your selection. You can also use gifs. Be warned, I’ll contact you, if for example 90% of your posts contain only memes…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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